For small businesses, processing payroll can be a tedious assignment. Functions can include anything from calculating worker wages and taxes, to updating holiday and sick pay and deduction of payments of benefits. As payroll processing is a repetitive and complicated job, a lot of time and money is saved by outsourcing the work allowing the focus to move to the core business. The payroll service is carried out off-site with no paperwork to be filed in offices. Workload and stress is reduced. You will not have to worry about being audited as the numbers are always correct.
Up-to-date Accounting Status – All potential accounting and payroll related statistics can be obtained on a regular basis from professional service providers. There is online direct filing. Time saving tailored reports are available. The business is regularly updated regarding accounting status that helps you make important decisions for the future of the business.​ Compliance Risk Management – You can gain access to expertise in legislation, government changes and regulations, privacy rules and security in order to lesson risks.
Enhanced Accuracy. Outsourcing payroll services can increase the accuracy of the payroll by the provision of correct, error free and accurate results. When you invest in outsourced payroll services, you will receive assured accuracy. Employees will be paid correctly and punctually, every time.​ You won’t lose your employees trust for forgetting their overtime pay or getting hours wrong.​ Employee and employer trust is built upon.
Payroll processing is demanding of your time and energy without generating any revenue. By outsourcing these processes you can cost effectively focus your efforts on revenue generating activities. It allows you to save training an employee or hiring a payroll manager which is very costly. You can save money on payroll software, equipment and office supplies (eg printers, paper)​. Outsourcing helps to reduce the burden of non revenue generating tasks.


   Our Comprehensive Services

  • Calculation of PAYE, PRSI, USC, pension and other deductions
  • Real-time reporting, employee record maintenance, holiday and leave tracking 
  • RPN management and filing of new employees with ROS
  • Preparation and submission of P30's
  • Completion and submission of annual P35 employer tax return
  • Calculation of benefit in kind on non-salary benefits
  • Redundancy payment calculation
  • Multiple frequency transactions
  • Electronically password protected payslip delivery 

Expert Advice from the Professionals 

Payroll processing companies hire professional and experienced payroll experts to do your payroll.  You can get consultancy and tips regarding payroll services.  There is a team of experts rather than one person in an office.​


You will be provided with precise, correct and authentic reports that make sure your data is protected from theft and fraud. Payroll services can save you money on legal fees, and put compliance in the hands of a business that understands these legal issues.


When your HR department is not spending so much valuable time updating your payroll, they can be using their time on other activities. You can focus on your core business and invest time, planning and strategizing for the future. Outsourcing frees up time for further tasks that will help increase the productivity and efficiency of your business.​
Irregular payroll management potentially leads to inaccurate tax filing which results in tax penalties. An outsourcing company makes sure there are no irregularities.​
Workload and stress is reduced. The outsourcing service is carried out off-site with no paperwork to be filed in offices. A bespoke package is made to suit each client’s needs.
Avoid reconciliation uncertainty – It’s hard to keep track of the payments through the bank during payroll payments. Bank reconciliation uncertainties can be avoided by delegating payroll services to an outsourcing company.​ You will not have to worry about being audited as the numbers are always correct. Trust is built upon and data is secure with Appian Task. We have complete access to your data in the event of necessary data recovery.
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