"Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success"   Henry Ford



For small businesses, processing payroll can be a tedious assignment. Tasks can include anything from wages and taxes to updating holiday and sick pay, and deductions of various payments and benefits. As payroll processing is a repetitive and complicated job, time and money is saved by outsourcing the work. At Appian Task our team of experts provide you with correct, error free and accurate results. When you invest in outsourcing payroll services, you get assured accuracy where employees are paid correctly and punctually, every time. You will never have to worry about being audited as the numbers are always correct. Our professional payroll service will allow your business to save money on staff training, software, equipment and office supplies. Appian Task provides you with up-to-date accounting implementation with online direct filing and tailored reports. Your business gains valuable access to expertise in legislation, government changes and regulations. Outsourcing payroll allows you the chance to invest time, planning and strategizing for the future.
Providing outstanding customer service is at the core of everything we do at Appian Task. Customers are at the heart of every business and so customer satisfaction is vital to a companies success. Satisfied regular customers have been proven to pay more for a service than a new client. Providing exceptional customer service ensures long term retention of customers. Many businesses do not have experience in customer service, as their strength lies in their core business. Our team of highly skilled Customer Service Representatives are committed to providing you with a bespoke service that will solve customer queries efficiently and speedily. Our back office support agents are problem solvers, perfectly blending technical and care skills to ensure that everyone who comes to us receive high level support. We will take care of the customers needs while you can take care of your business.
Appian Task know that many back office procedures are vital to a company’s core processes, which is why it’s imperative for those tasks to be carried out to the highest possible standards. Companies need to trust that outsourced tasks are completed efficiently and professionally. Organisations need to stay focused on the company’s goals, growth and core strength. Appian Task provides cost effective back office outsourcing services, where our team consolidates your efforts by providing a consistently high quality customer and admin service. We take pride in our ability to deliver innovative solutions. It is proven that by outsourcing your back office, you can reduce costs and increase productivity, accuracy and predictability. Our back office is made up of a team of outsourcing experts. Our trusted specialists possess the expertise, experience and deep knowledge of your business. We specialise in the areas that you don’t.
Calls answered in your company’s name by someone who knows your business as well as you. Call handling – more than a message because we do it better. The outsourcing team should sound like an employee from your office. You can divert as many calls as you like. You collect messages instantly or in a summary form, how your absence is handled is up to you. You are in control of the response, at a meeting, out of office etc. Your time is freed up, your risk of losing business is vastly reduced, but importantly, your customer service becomes an asset to your business. Diary management issues are resolved. Sometimes you require more than a manager, a virtual assistant can log into your booking system, take payments or fill your diary. This can all be done within the low cost of a call. The combination of intelligent call handling with trained up team members who understand you and your business can reap large benefits. It works for any business in any sector.


Be operational efficient and improve your business performance when you combine the right people, process and technology.  It takes time and resources to acquire a team of experts.  Delegating the everyday tasks critical to your business allows you to save time, expense and grow your business.  Appian Task will provide you with skilled professionals to complete tasks quickly and effectively.  Our team have domain expertise, allowing your team to focus on the skills that drive your business.  Your team will drive your growth and we will handle the rest.




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